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 How It Works 

This program is available to everyone. There are no credit, cash, or experience requirements. The only factor is that the deal be structured within the qualifications, as described on this page.



We provide Investor B (above) a private bridge loan to buy Seller A’s property. You don’t have to use one penny of your own money. Investor B then sells the same property to End Buyer C. 









 Separate Funding Is Key 

The only way this can occur is for the AB and BC closings to be funded separately. Title companies are not permitted to participate in simultaneous closings funded by one party. Both AB and BC closings must be able to stand on their own as individual closings with separate funds.

Get the funding you need and the profits too. Even if you don’t have funds or your funds are not readily solvent our funds bridge this gap for you.

Buy the property at a deep discount. When you line up an end buyer for the back-to-back real estate transaction, you continually generate profits.

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