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 Score Stimulus 

Credit is the mainstay to each entrepreneur’s long term business success. In consultation with our network of over 1000 investing and lending partners, we recognize that in today’s COVID affected marketplace, you need extra tools to make that slam dunk.


 The Programs 

Each month, on a first come, first served basis, 5 credit passes are arranged with Angel Investors. The goal is to raise your score between 50-100 points within a one month period, regardless of your current credit report issues. You need a 500 minimum score to participate.


 What You Get 

Sign up occurs between the 1st and 25th of the preceeding month. For 2 months, you become an authorized user (AU). The first month, your credit profile gains traction and in the 2nd month, you close on the specific deal with your elevated scores.


Your name and social are added, as the AU to a credit line that is seasoned with a perfect payment history and a 10% utilization. The account holder is a person with at least an across the board 800 credit score, in each of the three credit bureaus. As the AU, you stay on the account for 60 days or 2 billing cycles after the statement dates.


 How Much Does It Cost? 

The cost to become an AU is $550, payable in advance at the time of order by either credit or debit card. When your loan closes with us, you will receive a $200 rebate on your settlement statement. In essence, the entire process will in the end, only cost $350.


 The Benefits 

We will make your loan our priority, since your profile will get quicker attention with the higher credit score. You will get a lower interest rate and higher loan to value. Pl us your down payment may be lower as well. That is a huge cost savings.


 Getting Started 

Complete the AU Application Form on this page to enroll. This program is open to anyone with a social security number. 


 What We Need ASAP 

Your Tri-merge Credit Report

Your need to receive own credit report at a first party credit monitoring site, that uses a tri-merge copy with scores of Equifax, Experian & TransUnion.


Go to our Menu Program item # 5. An example on that page is

Provide us with a link to your choice of credit monitoring, along with your username and password. This makes it possible to apply without a third party credit pull.   

Your State Drivers License or State ID

We also need a  copy of front and back of your drivers’ license or state id


 Send Docs Here 

Please submit these requested documents to

or fax number 770-509-8785.

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