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 Investor Special 

 1 - 4 Unit Residential 

For your convenience, we streamlined this reservation for the Investor 1-4 unit program.

 Don't Miss This Opportunity 

  • Sign up now to guarantee current terms for the next 18 months.

  • Current terms subject to change based on market conditions and  5 day notice.

Reservation Time Table


  • 18 MONTH PROGRAM  -            6 months to find contract -

       additional 12 months to hold.

  • Sign up now. Eligible for first 50     candidates and then on a   first- come first serve basis, based on enrollment. 

  • Close in a corporate, business, or trust  entity.   

  • Limit 3 per entity, per land lot.

  • Reservation fee of $2,000 per lot, all REIMBURSED at closing.

  • Other commitment advances waived with this loan. 

  • Anywhere in the United States


  • 1- Reserve now and take up to 6 months to close on first property.

  • 2- Submit purchase contract or       refinance now on existing            property in 14 to 21 days.

  • 3- Close one now and then be         guaranteed same terms on          next contracts.


  • 12 month loan size from $75,000 to $400,000

  • Reduced 5-6% interest only 5 to 7 points  ROLLED-IN at closing

  • Up to 100% acquisition &          development costs ROLLED-IN to loan

  • All draw costs ROLLED-IN to loan and released following completion of  inspection.

  • Carrying costs DEFERRED up to first 12 months following close.​

  • No prepayment penalties

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