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Do you need a

Credit - Money Line?




UP TO $1,000,000.

This application closes in 5 to 21 days and represents a value added to make it possible to qualify for a mortgage LTV. There are no upfront fees associated with this loan and proceeds are at the sole discretion of the borrower.

This product may be purchased without any real estate contract and is based on the credentials of the borrower to repay according to terms.

To specifically meet your cash flow needs, Credit - Money Lines combines several private investor and institutional loans, rolled into one package. At your discretion, monies may be used for either business or personal budgeting. Each loan has its own terms and interest rate and most are without a credit pull.

Receive between $20,000 to $1,000,000 in working capital within 3 weeks. These funds are unsecured and supplement financing for any real estate, technology, inventory, equipment, retail, or startup deals. Imagine a rainy day fund for construction, rehab, down payment, carrying cost, or seasonal purposes.

For best results, have a 680 credit score or better to qualify. Scores between 660-680 are on a case by case basis. Income and loan purpose will determine how much you will receive. 

Send the following docs.

a- Your own credit report at a first party credit monitoring site that uses all 3 credit bureaus with scores, or go to our CREDIT link or

Provide us with a link credit monitoring site along with your username and password. This makes it possible to apply without a third party credit pull.   


b- Two years of W-2's and/or personal and business tax returns with all supportive enclosures.

Please submit these requested documents to

or fax number 770-509-8785. 

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