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We will not pull your credit but may require that on specific programs that a tri-merge credit report be supplied. What that means is that there will be a 1st party (yourself) report supplied instead of a third  party one that will affect your score.


All reports must contain 3 scores and no report may be older than 7 calendar days prior to application.  Before final funding a third party report may be pulled to satisfy an investor's monetary risk.

Many of our programs are asset based and not credit driven. Depending upon the product and the higher the stakes will determine what credit score will enable the correct loan.

We do provide up tot 100% financing, based on common sense underwriting. In most cases this includes money for acquisition, escrow, and closing; but rarely carrying costs.

Asset based

  • Collateral securitized by real estate

  • Income and non income producing properties

  • Asset driven regardless of credit

  • No sourcing or seasoning of funds or reserves 

  • Foreign Nationals OK

  • No 4506's

  • Seller held seconds OK

  • Anywhere in the United States / Worldwide - on case by case basis


Real estate track record commensurate to project or team experience

Ability to demonstrate a business plan and exit strategy.

Here are four examples
of acceptable
first party tri-merge
credit report resellers.
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