My Hard Money is a private investment group with funds in excess of $1 billion and growing. Our primary goal is the protection and growth of our investment partners’ capital.

Many of our programs achieve up to 100% LTV with the Joint Venture Programs we sponsor. This goes for the 1-4 unit residential as well as the larger unit dwellings.

We create a team environment where your ROI and equity position is the measure by which we all grow together.  Through joint venture (JV)  structures, overall productivity and profit is enhanced as is our vision for a disciplined investment approach. 

There are two or more partners in a joint venture. The senior partner generally brings the money while the junior partner may have found the location and provides the sweat equity and managerial skills to see the project to completion.

Our JV program provides our entrepreneurial operating partners who possess significant local market knowledge with various opportunities to

demonstrate a track record to success. 

We will keep you informed of the various projects n which to participate.


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