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 Hard Money Loans We Finance

 Investor Mortgages - Purchase or Refinance

Construction Development - Rehab & Restoration  

Joint Ventures - Rolled-In & Deferred - Credit-Money Lines

Note & Deed Transfers

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Up to 100% financing, based on common sense underwriting  - In most cases includes money for acquisition, escrow, and closing; but rarely carrying costs.

Asset based

  • Collateral securitized by real estate

  • Income and non income producing properties

  • Asset driven regardless of credit

  • No sourcing or seasoning of funds or reserves 

  • Foreign Nationals OK

  • No 4506's

  • Seller held seconds OK

  • Anywhere in the United States / Worldwide - on case by case basis


Real estate track record commensurate to project or team experience

Ability to demonstrate a business plan and exit strategy


24 month - 10% interest only - 4 to7 points - $350k loan minimum

Several properties may be bundled to meet minimum.

Close in corporate, business, or trust.  No prepayment penalties

Letter of Intent (LOI)

An LOI indicates conditions for release of funds.

Acceptance includes a refundable 1% commitment held by a closing attorney, title company, or escrow agent.



Purchase property using loan proceeds.


Acquisition & Development

Purchase and develop real property to an enhanced state.


Construct a building or for improvements of real property.

Rehab - Purchase

Rehabilitate real property to an enhanced state.

Fix & Flip 

Make property ready for resale in short order.

Cash Out Refinance

Refinance to close out an existing loan.


Short duration borrowing until permanent financing is secured for acquisition, cash out, buy outs, work outs, construction, rehab

Workout, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure

Temporary funding until sale of asset or institutional financing becomes available


Income producing

Residential - non owner occupied units, apartments, complexes,  condo/coop conversions, assisted living 

Retail, storage, industrial, office, medical, mixed use - buildings, complexes, centers


Non-income producing

Land acquisition, development, construction, rehab escrows, bank workouts, foreclosures and bankruptcies


Expected price

Based on market factors and property analysis

Comparable Sales

Market value of nearby comparables based on recently sales within an area and time frame


Replacement Value

Dollar amount it would cost to rebuild at current construction costs plus the value of the land


Income Approach

Income created by the asset based on occupancy



Value in current condition without construction or repairs


Loan to Cost (LTC)

Ratio between construction costs versus loan financing


After Repair Value (ARV)

Value used  to calculate the spread between current and complete renovation.

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