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As a Senior Partner or Investor, we have a variety of dependable high yield opportunities to make your money grow. Unlike the stock market, your investments are within your private domain and not in the hands of unreachable Wall Street bankers.

Through our REI Channel, we are actively looking for government financed Multi-Unit Sponsors of larger than 6 door apartment complexes and Note Investors at all levels for performing origination's with short term secured 1st and 2nd positions.



Depending on specific law in non-judicial and non-redeemable states,  our channel also  includes equity positions through pre-foreclosure  Deed Transfers.

Whether you are a buyer or seller of deeds or notes, your position is guaranteed by a transaction summary and closing protection insurance issued through either through a closing attorney or title company. Funds are transferable for early cash out, to allow for your next opportunity. This strategic alliance may be carved out on a corporate or individual level by agreement at closing.

Our Junior Partners many times find the jewel in a neighborhood and you can reap a higher yield for a shorter exposure. We have opportunities throughout the country that makes it possible to invest in a specific city or project.

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My Hard Money is a private investment group with funds in excess of $1 billion and growing. Our primary goal is the protection and growth of our investment partners’ capital.

We create a team environment where your ROI and equity position is the measure by which we all grow together. Through joint venture (JV)  structures, overall productivity and profit is enhanced as is our vision for a disciplined investment approach. 

There are two or more partners in a joint venture. The senior partner generally brings the money while the junior partner may have found the location and provides the sweat equity and managerial skills to see the project to completion.

Our JV program provides our entrepreneurial operating partners who possess significant local market knowledge with various opportunities to demonstrate a track record to success.

Real Estate Investor ACADEMY

We have designed a six month Joint Venture Academy helping the junior person(s) get ready to meet up with the senior ones.


Our program assists with identifying potential property, contract negotiations, correcting credit issues, and supplying an introductory loans of up to $20,000.

To create a joint venture alliance takes time, money, and effort. As a result, we have an admission fee as follows: Eligible for first 20 candidates and then on a  first come first serve basis.

Develop 1 project with senior partners is $2,000. For 2 projects, that is $3,500 and for our maximum of 3 at one time  is $5,000. Funds are refundable at the time of closing.


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