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Get Up And Go Since Pandemics Create Opportunity

Do something innovate or even strategic in your career. Memories of Sears and other retailers are the sentiments that your buyers are counting on you.

Perhaps you remember the last Pandemic. Sears introduced A Sears house, circa 1918. This is one of the countless items the retailer offered through its famous catalog. Sears provided all the housing materials and blueprints. (File photo/The Associated Press) Back in those days, Sears was fun and innovative. Now its playing havoc with the souls of the sentimental.

What’s happening to these old giants that have fallen in recent years isn’t entirely their fault. A fellow named Bezos came up with a pretty good shopping model called Amazon and lay hold of the throne before anyone really knew what was happening. So well is his concept that the guy is about to be the first trillionaire. That’s one thousand billion and growing.

Sears, of course, was the Amazon of its day. From the late 1800s until 1993, it issued the so-called Big Book — a big, fat, compulsively readable mail-order catalog full of corsets and hammers and teapots, yes, but also a whole host of whiz-bang, must-have gadgets. A classic Sears, Roebuck catalog produced the big mail-order books until 1993.

You could also order “home kits” — materials and blueprints to build a house. The 1916 catalog offered a kit for a 9-room house for $1,140 — floors and ceilings, pipes and gutters, siding and sash weights.

The catalog was a blessing for people who couldn’t or wouldn’t go to the stores themselves. Beyond mail delivery, Sears had independently owned brick-and-mortar adjuncts called catalog stores, where shoppers could pick up their Big Book orders.

Sears today, it must be said, has lost its charm. Cutting edge and innovate individuals of this generation will outdo the pandemic in short order, especially in a business slowdown where opportunity rings out a call. Are you ready?

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