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How Much Money You Keep in Your Pocket Is The Difference Between LTV vs. CLTV

Updated: May 31, 2021

These days when cash is at a premium, you will have to judge how much to put down versus how much to mortgage. For example, when the value of a property is $100,000 and your mortgage is $80,000, the LTV or loan to value is at 80%. That means you will have to find the cash of $20,000 to get the property.

Let's say you can find another method besides cash for that additional money. If your mortgage and all the other funds are at $100,000, that would be a CLTV or combined loan to value of 100%. has several ways for you to get to that 100% CLTV or no cash out of your pocket. Maybe its a note from the current owner. Maybe its our program for an expense budget such as Rolled-In & Deferred that even at times goes to 110% CLTV and pays your mortgage payments and rehab costs. That's not all we also have a program for you to get an unsecured loan in our Credit Lines program. Go to our website and click on programs for the specific program you need.

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